Illustration, Design, and Social Media together.

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I'm Aaron.

I create communities.

Combat wounded soldier turned firefighter and EMT turned illustrator and social media manager. My life experiences have taught me the importance of community and inclusivity. Of creating with the purpose of building something new from nothing. Of making a voice that's worth being heard among a thousand others.


At my heart, I am and will always be a nerd. Tabletop, movies, board games, television, and video games have been a constant source of inspiration and relaxation for as long as I can remember. This love of games and nerd culture has recently led me to host a weekly gaming news show through my Twitch channel. To say I understand the history and details of this world would be an understatement. To get to talk about it daily for a living is the dream I didn't know was possible.

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Organic Growth.

I focus on true community building from the ground floor with real people at the center.  My five years working in professional Social Media Management has taught me how to create something lasting, supportive, and active. 


Identifying the purpose/goal of the social media account and exploring unique methods of presenting the brand's message.


Creating a healthy space that attracts engaged and active followers.


Cohesive and dynamic design that builds off of branding.

Content & Photoshop Samples
(I also designed the backpack!)

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Visual Problem Solver

Every project is different, and every piece needs to fit the desired outcome. Each design, each element, every photo or illustration is one piece of the overall brand puzzle. No two brands are the same, and lessons learned from each design problem inform future work.

My work evolves with the styling and needs of the brand I'm working on, always keeping in mind the guidelines and end use for each design.

Aaron Provost 

Creative Problem Solver 

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