M777 Howitzer

M777 Howitzer

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Being a forward observer in the US Army, I knew I would be doing a few artillery-centric drawings through this project! I’ve always had a soft spot for guns that can lob 100lb worth of explosive munition over mountains and still strike their intended targets.

The artillery is the King of Battle. The rounds shake the earth and burn the sky. Howitzers can unleash a fury near unmatched by most other weapons. It’s also a system that allows for a variety of munition types, from the standard high explosive, to variable time air bursting, to smoke and white phosphorous. It’s uses are many and it’s effect on a battle-space incomparable.

The idea is simple, point, fire and adjust. The howitzer has been a part of modern warfare almost as long as it’s been modern. It is and will continue to be sobering example of the devastation that can be unleashed with simply a radio and a map.

‘Fire for effect.’

Museum-quality gilcee print on thick, durable, matte paper. Digitally signed. Open edition.