Welcome to the New Site!

I'm really excited to finally be opening this up at last.  It's been a long time coming and I can't tell you what a relief it is to finally have it going.  For a long time now, I've found that I had to use a lot of different services to share all of the different things I do.  Until a few months ago, I thought, that's just how things have to be.  I had to have one spot for my portfolio, one spot for my freelance info, one spot for my prints, one spot for my originals, one spot for my blog, one for my military art, one for my fan art, and one for my random illustrations.  But with this, I get nearly everything into one neat package that's so much simpler to find your way around, and actually looks like I'm a real professional* (*portfolio being the only outstanding piece of the puzzle that's not fully integrated yet).  

Here, you can browse the work I do, get updates on the latest stuff, order prints and mugs and really whatever makes sense for the art.  You can order original artwork as I start to fill the section with more of the physical drawings and pieces I've done over the years.  All with the ease you've come to expect from any online commerce site.  

This will also allow me to explore new themes and ideas and have an outlet that's accessible and quick to get the work I do into the hands I want it to be in, yours.  

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting the work I've been doing and for your continued support for the work I plan to do.  

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