Designer, Illustrator, and Nerd.

I'm Aaron.

I make art.

Combat wounded soldier turned firefighter and EMT turned illustrator and graphic designer. My life experiences have taught me the importance of making yourself flexible and the power of evolution. That evolution has helped me build established brands a new visual voice that stands out from their competition.

Founder image
Founder image

Problem Solver

Every project is different, and every piece needs to fit the desired outcome. Each design, each element, every photo or illustration is one piece of the overall brand puzzle. No two brands are the same, and lessons learned from each design problem inform future work.

My work evolves with the styling and needs of the brand I'm working on, always keeping in mind the guidelines and end use for each piece of artwork.

Editorial Illustrator

Stories deserve better than a stock photo and bad photoshop. The work writers do is important and bringing those stories to life through illustrating abstract concepts or helping to tell part of the story is always a unique challenge.

Find my editorial work here.

Product image
Product image


At my heart, I am and will always be a nerd. Tabletop, movies, board games, television, and video games have been a constant source of inspiration and relaxation for as long as I can remember. There are few things that drive my creativity as far and as consistently as nerd culture.

Personal Brands

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Call For Fire

I created Call For Fire to stretch my legs in product and apparel design again while making space for other nerdy veterans like myself to laugh, talk, and share in the unique experiences we collectively lived.

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Keep Feral Company

A lifestyle brand I developed as a response to the type of work I was interested in making at the time. Dark, brooding, and poetic.

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My latest endeavor into creating a gaming space to share the things that make me feel excited and inspired while also sharing my thoughts on recent news and releases. 

Art, Design, and Product Samples

Aaron Provost
Creative Problem Solver
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