I've never participated in Inktober before but I was approached by Steve Raboin, a fellow vet designer, about a Superheroes challenge for the month and thought 'Why the hell not?!" and hit the ground running.  I've fallen off the every day grind of it but fully intend on jumping back in with the drawings and doing my best to catch up.  

Look for these originals to start hitting the web store sometime soon!  Spidey is already spoken for though!  

It's fun to explore these characters I grew up with and to play with style and do a little master copy work to explore different styles of work while throwing my own twist on the combination of background and figure.

Not to mention just exploring the various composition techniques and shape for framing the scene or character.  

Plus, I just love to doodle and make something familiar but new.  So stay tuned with the store and snatch up the original drawings quick!  

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