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Solo - The Internet Is Full of Douchebags


So. Let's just get into it.

I just recently saw Solo after being kept away from it for far too long. The movie came out when I was WAY over my head with work, life and emergencies and I wasn't able to go see it in theaters. I was stuck waiting for the movie to come out on blu-ray (yes, I still buy hard copies), so I waited. Then things got busy again and I finally, at long last was able to watch the movie. 

I had heard about all of the controversy about the film. The fact...

Battletech - Initial Reactions

So let's talk Battletech! It's brand new. Just dropped last week. And I've been a huge Battletech nerd since I snagged the boxed set from Barnes & Nobles when I was a teenager and made my sister play the first game with me so I could figure out the rules.

I just fired up the game last night and I haven't gotten very far into it yet but I have opinions and thoughts that I feel people thinking about snagging the game should hear.

I played the...

Battletech's Original Inner Sphere Maps Were Just Released and They're Awesome.

Author and Novelist Blaine L. Pardoe just published a set of images on his blog of some of the very first Inner Sphere maps from Battletech and I can't help but geek out about it.  

He writes:

"I have been a BattleTech writer since the first Tech Readout (3025).  I saw the unseen before they were, well, unseen.  Some of my FASA-era background material over the years has just plain been lost or discarded decades ago when I deemed it hopelessly obsolete.

Some, not all.

I have unearthed a treasure trove of old material.  I...

Dave Bautista is just a big nerd like the rest of us.

Dave Bautista is just a big nerd like the rest of us.

He's fallen firmly into the category of 'awesome person being awesome' especially with this latest video from his Instagram account where he shows off his nerd room collection and his latest acquisition...


I've never participated in Inktober before but I was approached by Steve Raboin, a fellow vet designer, about a Superheroes challenge for the month and thought 'Why the hell not?!" and hit the ground running.  I've fallen off the every day grind of it but fully intend on jumping back in with the drawings and doing my best to catch up.  

Look for these originals to start hitting the web store sometime soon!  Spidey is already spoken for though!