The Lost In Space Reboot Offers a Fun CW Style Story.

I sat down this weekend with some time on my hands, mostly because I was so exhausted from the week prior that I didn't want to do anything else, and noticed the recently released Netflix Original Series: Lost In Space. A reboot after a reboot that I was hesitant to even consider until I watched the trailer Netflix pushed as I scrolled over the title. Ok, I'm listening. 

Fast forward an hour or two later and I had finished the first episode and immediately got on social: 

I was in. The rest of the weekend was spoken for and I binged on the series (with a short break to watch Captain America: Civil War early Sunday morning). 

I have to say, I was impressed by it. It was a gritty but young adult CW style story with family adventure written in throughout. I say CW style story because of the level of drama and some pieces being overworked or convenient story elements placed for specific needs of said drama. The difference between this and say, Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow, is that they have a real budget for the effects and it shows.

It wasn't overly campy, if a little sweet around the edges (it's a family show at heart) but those make it sort of more watchable.  This wasn't like watching the really hard edged gritty sci fi Altered Carbon. It was fun and adventure bound and the sort of thing that I would have LOVED as a pre-teen/early teen. 

The vet in me needs to break in and say that the military background of the dad was definitely tossed in as a reason for some additional drama, and they handled all of it with the care we've come to expect (see: none really) but it did add to some nice moments down stream that pay off and it was kind of nice to see some care taken in his relationship with his family and how that can be strained from service abroad. 

All told, I definitely suggest this one to people. Watch it by yourself or with the kids. It's just a fun show and I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with it next. 


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