Solo - The Internet Is Full of Douchebags


So. Let's just get into it.

I just recently saw Solo after being kept away from it for far too long. The movie came out when I was WAY over my head with work, life and emergencies and I wasn't able to go see it in theaters. I was stuck waiting for the movie to come out on blu-ray (yes, I still buy hard copies), so I waited. Then things got busy again and I finally, at long last was able to watch the movie. 

I had heard about all of the controversy about the film. The fact that people were having a faux-outrage boycott of the movie over how bad The Last Jedi was. That the internet went on a weird, fucked up, incel fueled douchebaggery campaign against ACTORS from a MOVIE that led multiple women from the franchise to just up and quit using social media platforms. The movie's numbers suffered. Lucasfilm said fuck this noise and said they would pull the plug on future Star Wars stories. 

The worst part? Solo was fun. It wasn't perfect. But I enjoyed it. It was a concise story with a lot of adventure and great visuals. Fun character building from a time before the original trilogy and a good addition to what was shaping up to be a neat way to explore Star Wars AWAY from the Skywalker family. It was no Rogue One, but then, it wasn't trying to be. It was having it's own adventure in the story. It was just trying to be a heist movie that had characters we loved at the core and introduced new elements to expand the universe. 

But in the end. The internet is a toxic awful place full of idiots. And they shit all over what could have been a nice treat every couple of years. So I guess, you win, morons. You were loud enough that this movie didn't have a fucking chance. Thankfully though, it came along and showed that yes you can have a fun Star Wars movie with beloved characters that doesn't have anything to do with the main story arch. Hopefully Lucasfilm is just catching their breath before releasing more of them. Because I love Star Wars and just want to see more of the universe brought to life. Until then, I'll just be glued to the new Clone Wars seasons. 

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